Lion Brothers Classic Embroidered Emblems

 The World's Finest Embroidered Insignia - Since 1899.


Lion Brothers embroidered emblems and insignia begin with master designers, engineers and craftsman who work to ensure each pattern is created and produced to meet fit, form and functional requirements. 

Lion's skilled digitizers ensure that the beauty of every stitch is thoughtfully placed to create the dimensionality only visible in fine embroidery. It is one of the reasons why Lion's heirloom products are handed down generations to generations.

With Lion's expertise in heat seal solutions, we can create products for the most challenging supply chain and consumer applications.



Lion Performance Print: The Identity of Choice for Professional and Licensed Sports


Lion Performance Print is the leading apparel identity for professional, collegiate and retail team uniforms. Lion's digital textile print is used for on-field and on-court apparel identification as well as for replica collections. 

Lion's Performance Print identity solutions bring vibrant colors and strong durability to each design. A patented system of advanced adhesives make Lion's Team Collection of Crests, Wordmarks, Logo's, Letters and Numbers easy to apply and comfortable to wear.


Lion Embroidered Appliques: The Beauty of Dimensionality in Apparel Identity


Embroidered appliques tell a story of beauty and quality. For generations, embroidered appliques have provided the textured feel and visual effect to apparel identity that reflects a spirit of authenticity. Today, through modern manufacturing techniques, Lion is able to produce these heirloom products ensuring that each material layer is carefully crafted to perfection.  




When Embroidery meets Print, the Result is Stunning Mixed Media Apparel Identity


Lion Mixed Media apparel identity is often used for the latest in trendy-setting fashion applications. Each season, Lion creates collections based upon new materials and colors that bring excitement and vibrancy to apparel decoration. 



Lion Laser Solutions: Technology That Brings Textiles to Life


Lion laser solutions utilize the latest technologies to create intricate patterns and edges that, on apparel are beautiful and create price accessible forms of apparel identity for seasonal fashion applications. Lion's use of multiple forms of photonics applications create a wide array of patterning and cutting solutions. 

Lion Laser solutions demonstrates the evolution and latest in advanced textile technology.